On the Way Up ministries


Speaker Topics

As part of “On the Way Up ministries”, Larissa Lam is available to speak and/or share music with your group. With her strong stage presence, engaging personality and her ability to connect with a diverse audience, Larissa Lam has shared her music and testimony at churches and events across the World. She frequently speaks about the following topics. Her sharing is often interweaved with her music and vice versa.

Target Audiences:
Youth and College groups
Young adults
Women’s ministries
Multi-ethnic congregations

Ministry Topics:
How I was brainwashed into thinking I wanted to be a doctor and lived to tell about it.
Larissa grew up thinking she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps to become a doctor. She shares how she went from being a straight “A“ student to shocking her Chinese parents when God revealed His calling for her to work in the music industry. She also discusses how she reconciles Asian cultural expectations with God’s expectations.

Change Your Heart, Not Your Face

Larissa grew up wanting to be blond haired and blue eyed because she thought that was the standard of beauty based on playing with Barbies and watching the movie, “Grease.” (She wanted to be Sandy) Younger celebs are getting plastic surgery at an earlier age. Women in Asia are getting surgery to look more “Western.” People try to change their name, color of their hair, clothes, job, house, car, girlfriend and all sorts of other external things to try to be happy yet don’t find lasting happiness. True change comes when you stop believing the lies of things you think you need to change and allow God to change your heart with truth.

We all are “Messengers”- Finding Your Purpose for God
Larissa shares about how everyone has a personal mission field even if you don’t travel abroad. Larissa discusses her mission field in entertainment and the importance in having Christians in all areas of the world and in all types of vocations.You can be a student, a mom, a doctor or musician. God has a purpose for you to influence people with the gifts and experiences He’s given you. Larissa has previously completed the certificate program for the Perspectives on the World Christian movement and offers insight on God being a missionary God.

Hollywood:The Hidden Mission Field
Did you know that nearly 1 billion people around the world tune in to watch the Oscars every year? People easily have a heart for children in Africa and rural villages in Asia, but what about the movie directors, make up artists and musicians in “Hollywood”. This is an un-reached people group in the U.S. with the ability to reach the world.

Conquering Bitterness, Anger & Depression

Larissa’s name means cheerful in Greek and that’s how she’s lived most of her life. She’s an optimist and thought she could never suffer from depression. A traumatic event in her family triggered a period of depression where she woke up every morning crying. She then developed feelings of bitterness and anger towards her family which left her emotionally handcuffed and negatively influenced her social and work life. She shares about how a support group and God ultimately helped her deal with these feelings.

Paralyzed by Fear 

On her 16th birthday, Larissa locked herself in her bedroom and cried. Why? She thought she was a complete failure and hadn’t accomplished anything with her life. It’s a struggle that she still sometimes deals with today. The fear of failure or disappointing others can leave you paralyzed if you don’t break free from those thoughts. Larissa shares about how God can help free you of that fear.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Among Christians

Mental health and suicide are areas not often addressed in the church. Larissa shares about how a support group from her church was able to help her recover from depression and deal with her anger and bitterness towards her family. The rate of suicide is rising every year. Larissa also launched a suicide prevention campaign called #IFEELALIVE featuring a series of PSA videos. Larissa lost two friends to suicide including one in college who was part of her church fellowship. She personally lost two f As a talk show host, Larissa regularly addresses audience questions that are mental health related. Larissa has spoken on panels and seminars on mental health with many organizations and has been trained as a Mental Health First Aid Responder.

Never Say “Never” to God
Larissa shares about how Christ helped change her heart from focusing on worldly success and status to focusing on her Creator. She shares about being an overachiever, doing things she never thought she would do and discovering her identity in Christ.

I’m a triple minority and I won’t make excuses or compromises.
Larissa is often asked if it’s difficult being an Asian in the entertainment industry. Larissa discusses how it has actually been an advantage. She also addresses being a woman in an industry dominated by men and how she deals with opportunities that may be in conflict with Biblical values. Larissa realizes God has made her the way she is for His purpose.