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Only Won

“Though I am only one person, I have not lost to the pressures of the world, but I’ve WON because of the ONLY one who is Jesus Christ.”

Only Won (aka Baldwin Chiu) is a speaker, rapper and lyrical engineer who gained recognition for his viral videos, “Cantonese Boy” and “I Wanna Be an Engineer.”His clever music videos have attracted fans and the attention of CNN and the Discovery Channel. “I Wanna Be an Engineer” became a viral hit on YouTube garnering over one million views and spawned cover versions. It also captured the attention of Intel and the White House. He subsequently became a spokesperson for their national “Stay With It” campaign. Only Won stars in several videos promoting careers in engineering for the campaign and is prominently featured on their website staywithit.org.

As a pioneering bi-lingual Chinese-American Holy Hip-Hop artist, Only Won’s music and rhymes are inspiring diverse audiences everywhere. Only Won has shared the stage with many including KaBUC of K2S, Maximillian, T-Bone,  Izreal, One Truth, and E-DOGG Montana. He has performed at Spirit West Coast, Knotts Berry Farm and numerous Holy Hip Hop events. He’s appeared on TV on JCTV and been a guest speaker at conferences and outreaches around the U.S.

Only Won (aka: Baldwin Chiu), was born in San Francisco and grew up in a conservative, Chinese family with humble beginnings. His parents emigrated from China and his father later joined the Air Force moving his young family to Sacramento, CA. Though he played ball and hung out with different people from the streets, Only Won stayed out of trouble and was an honor student who played the viola in orchestra. Instead of being an “Original Gangster,” he was an “Overachieving Geek.” Nothing in his upbringing would lead most people to think a rap artist would emerge.

Influenced by RUN DMC and Holy Hip Hop pioneers DC Talk, JC Crew, and T-Bone, Only Won began to find a voice of his own in high school. He began rapping/singing at talent shows, VBS, youth events, and eventually church worship services. Word began to spread about this unconventional talent who would sometimes mix in Chinese with his clever rhymes. Soon, established Holy Hip Hop artists were inviting Only Won to share their mic.

His unique story has attracted a growing fan base. He attended Sacramento State University and is a professionally licensed mechanical engineer. In addition to being an entertaining performer, Only Won is an inspiring speaker who is unashamed to speak out to youth about ra 30-year old virgin until he was married and serving God through less glamorous, but nonetheless important careers such as being an engineer. Alongside his faith driven songs, tracks like “Dim Sum” and “Lyrical Engineer” unleash witty lyrics on unconventional subjects.

“God has given you to communicate the gospel to today’s youth in the language of rap and hip hop music. It meant so much to me that my friend, whom I’ve been praying for for over a year, received Christ tonight at your concert.” Christine Wong, New Hope Community Church

His album, The Lyrical Engineer was produced by Noel from Grammy nominated group The Dynamic Twins and music veteran Maximillian ( JC Crew, T-Bone, Nitro Praise) among others. In addition to music, Only Won is a professional actor who has appeared in films such as The Pursuit of Happyness, The Hulk, and The Matrix. He is also an advanced level martial artist and champion. Through everything he does, Only Won, desires to promote racial reconciliation and cross cultural understanding that glorifies God.

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