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“Words cannot describe who Larissa Lam & Only Won are. You really need to EXPERIENCE them! They are a powerful duo that took the stage by storm and really ministered into the hearts of this generation!”
-Vivian Wu, Grace 2009 Conference Director, Chicago, IL

“Larissa spoke at our fall Woman’s Retreat this year and the ladies loved her!  She is a woman who is passionate about God’s Word, grounded in her teaching, down-to-earth and approachable and ,WOW, that girl can sing.  The ladies are already asking about when we might have her speak to us again…”
 -Pastor Debra Olivieri, Hope Chapel of Hermosa Beach

“I didn’t have a good feeling towards Christianity up until I was invited to your concert. You not only sing, but you give a strong message that I can relate to you. I actually started to cry [during the concert]. You made me realize what my purpose was for living. Your messages and songs combined together made me strive to be a seeker. My sister and I recently got baptized. I know you have changed my perspective in life and I hope it can happen to my family, relatives and friends as well.”
– JH, a woman who attended one of Larissa Lam’s concerts

“Thank you so much for your concert tonight and for following the dream and mission God has given you to communicate the gospel to today’s youth in the language of rap and hip hop music. It meant so much to me that my friend, whom I’ve been praying for for over a year, received Christ tonight at your concert. I have been sharing God’s truths with her for awhile. Tonight she said she truly felt the presence of God and clearly understood the gospel message.”
– Christine Wong, New Hope Community Center

“I was running through the channels on TV…there was a song you (Only Won and Larissa Lam) sang, “Searchin’.” I have had a hard life and that song really walked down my footsteps. I was really moved and touched by that song. And to hear that song gave me comfort that I’m not alone on this path and I prayed “I sit in my cell, Jesus…Freedom is what I long for, Lord.”
– Elmer, a prison inmate in Arizona doing time for a walk by shooting

“We were blessed to hear Larissa and Only Won at our church retreat. Each engaged us with powerful testimonies of God’s grace and power. Larissa and Only Won played off each other’s presentations with humor and enthusiasm.  The hearts of our entire congregation…were stirred as we listened to this consecrated couple share their musical gifts and talents. Larissa and Only Won inspired and challenged us to dedicate our careers, families, and our entire lives to be marketplace missionaries for the glory of God’s kingdom.”
– Dr. Timothy Tseng, Pastor at Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church

“I recommend Larissa Lam for the passion of her heart in regards to missions. She repeatedly challenged our people to view missions as the opportunity of God given them to impact their world for Christ, whether here in Hawaii or around the world. Larissa thrived in our multi-cultural setting and intimately understood the spiritual needs of our congregations.”
– Pastor Gordon Marchant, Christ United Methodist Church

“You’re really inspirational, and very talented and it’s great how you honor Christ through your work!
-Albert M. after Only Won’s concert

“We were privileged to have Larissa Lam as our guest speaker at our women’s retreat and the women were blessed by her teachings!  The love of Christ is evident in her life and she has a heart to reach many with His truth.  Larissa’s messages were excellent and the songs she shared were heartfelt.  She has such a beautiful voice.  God is truly using her to spread the Gospel.”

-Corina Chinen, Administrator of Hope Chapel Women’s Ministry

“Our worship team members really enjoyed your worship workshop. It was a good combination of principles and practical teaching. It also gives our team members some common ground to do more critique or give suggestions. I know our people were encouraged.”
– Pastor Ted Law, West Houston Chinese Church

“Aside from her evident musical gifts, Larissa’s persona, charisma and passion for Christ are what is most striking…her very own life experiences and testimony were uniquely honest, open and humble.”
– Joseph Pak, Director of Creative Arts Ministry, Ambassador Church

“Thank you so much for leading us in worship this week [at our conference]. Your songs really helped start our sessions so well. They really set the tone.”
– Cathy Gibson, ChinaSource

“I enjoyed the opportunity to work with a talented singer such as yourself [Larissa]. I had a great time learning as well as serving. Some of the people who came to your concert made “decisions” that evening …I know I’m not supposed to look at numbers but it is hard not to see the multitude of people there and rejoice in the decision that were made that evening. I just wanted to share with you that your ministry works. It also rocks too.”
– Alex Szeto, worship team member at Houston Chinese Church

“Your testimony of not compromising yourself and your faith is inspiring. My little 9-year-old girl especially liked your singing and testimony.”
– D. Chin, father of a girl who accepted Christ after a Larissa Lam concert

“It seems God is talking to me through your words in your CD as well as when you spoke on Sunday…God is really encouraging me to commit to Hollywood [as a mission field], You definitely are someone who aspiring Christians can look up to.”
-J. Kruger, a film editor